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Moving Beyond Trauma

Like most mental health challenges, trauma exists on a spectrum. It can be a result of a single event, an accumulation of chronic events, or even toxic stress. Using a trauma-informed approach, we will safely and supportively move past the thoughts, feelings, and events that are preventing you, or your child, from achieving mental wellness.

 Areas Where I Can Be Your Therapeutic Guide

In adults, I can help with the following: trauma or PTSD (childhood or adulthood experiences), complex trauma and dissociative disorders, attachment and developmental trauma, symptoms of toxic stress, anxiety, and depression.

In children and teens, I can help with the following: trauma (abuse, neglect, chronic stress, bullying, witnessing domestic violence or parental conflict), attachment and developmental trauma, dissociation and complex trauma, symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

Services and Fees

From children to adults, and practitioners and professionals alike, I help you achieve your best life and individual goals for development and well-being. My services and rates are listed below.

Individual Child, Youth & Adult Therapy

After an initial 30-minute consultation, we will begin with your history and create your treatment program. For kids and youth, the caregiver(s) will come in for initial parent sessions.

Therapeutic services are tax exempt.

$160/60-minute session, $200/90-minute session

Practitioner Training & Education

In coordination with the AGATE Institute and the ISSTD, I facilitate training, workshops, and professional development for other helping professionals who are looking for consistent and accessible training in EMDR Therapy, complex trauma, and dissociation.

Please view our upcoming events and trainings with the AGATE Institute and the ISSTD.

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Non-EMDR Case Consultation & Clinical Supervision

For therapists looking for case-specific consultation and clinical support. It includes 1-hour in-person or ZOOM (private account under a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This may include assistance with professional development goals, connection to new clinical resources, and more.

$150 Per 60-minute session

EMDR Case Consultation & Certification

I offer the following virtual consultation services to registered social workers, psychotherapists, and psychologists who would like to receive additional clinical support in EMDR:
– Case Consultation
– EMDR Basic Training Consultation
– EMDR Certification and Consultant-in-Training services

$150 Per 60-minute session

Feel Your Best. Be Your Best.

You’ve been through a lot—it’s time to take back your life and find the joy and happiness you deserve. I can help you triumph over trauma. Benefits include reduced symptoms, improved relationships, a greater sense of connection, and secure sense of self. We will also work on regulating emotions, tolerating distress, and accepting positivity.

In the end, you or your loved one will feel like a great weight has been lifted. You can be your best self again. A kid can … be a kid again.


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