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Change the Story, not the Storyteller.

You know your child best. And you know when something is wrong. When your detective skills tell you that something is going on with your child, adolescent or teen, it’s time for action. But, what kind of action?

You need an emotional interpreter who not only knows how to identify the problem, but how to address the root causes – or, specifically, the story. Young people are incredible storytellers, but when that story is disruptive or destructive, it can affect his or her ability to move past an event and be in the present.

Is Your Child or Adolescent Struggling with Stress, Anxiety, Depression or Trauma?

Scary memories, thoughts or nightmares?
Excessive daydreaming or spacing out throughout the day?
Appear to feel emotionally numb or disconnected?
Unusual difficulty falling or staying asleep?
Increased difficulties with focus and attention?
Expressing negative or self-destructive thoughts?
Eating significantly more or less than usual?
Decreased interest in his or her favourite activities?
Regular headaches, stomache aches or other physical issues?
‘Acting out’, unusual or disruptive behaviours at home or school?

 Looking at the Whole Child – Not Just the Symptoms

Mental health challenges in children, adolescents, and teens show up differently than in adults. Often, it presents itself as physical problems (tummy aches, headaches), behavioural problems (acting out, tantrums), or learning difficulties (concentration issues, focus challenges).

As a youth mental health therapist, I understand the root causes of unhealthy habits, uncomfortable feelings, mixed-up thoughts, and destructive behaviours patterns – and know how to shift them. I will create a solution that respects the uniqueness of the child, how they learn, and what they need to achieve mental wellness. Your child’s individual treatment and therapy services will be crafted to guide him or her down a path to a healthier, happier and more joyful life.

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Connect With Your Kids in a New Way

I’m a clinical social worker and trauma therapist with extensive experience in helping clients of all ages who are struggling with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, attachment challenges, and dissociative disorders. Together, I will help you learn new ways of responding, connecting, and interacting with your child or teen – all the while maintaining the structure, consistency and predictability that help growing minds flourish.


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